Èze bord-de-mer

"Here, I grow on the sun as the plants grows there. This splendid plenitude of light has on me, a miraculous action." - Frederic Nieztsche. -

The town of Eze in Southern France is split into two very different parts: the midieval 'Eze Village' located on top of the hill, 429 meters above sea level, a tourist hotspot, and 'Eze Bord De Mer', by the seaside, home of celebrities and non touristic.

Inhabitants of note are U2 band members Bono and Edge, their iconic former manager Paul McGuinnes, Julian Lennon, ... Former celebrities include Friedrich Nietzsche (the path between the seaside Bord-de-Mer and the Village is called the 'chemin Nietzsche').

Eze sur Mer is situated on the Basse Corniche road between Beaulieu-sur-Mer and Cap d'Ail. It is barely a hiccup on this long and craggy coastline that boats bays and headlands of dramatic beauty and yet Eze sur Mer has a special appeal and somehow manages to avoid crowds and maintain a peace and serenity.
It is a remarkable spot, seemingly remote on this busy coastline it somehow avoids the crowds and therefore feels like an exclusive club for those 'in the know'. It doesn't have the prettiest beaches in the South of France but it has wide open view to the sea and an air of serenity.

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